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"The OLED Lighting Experience"

Through this course, we will review real-world case studies on OLED lighting’s state-of-the-art performance while also examining the technology behind OLEDs and their benefits. “The OLED Lighting Experience” also emphasizes the design freedom that OLEDs present lighting designers and architects through the latest OLED installation examples. 

In this course, you will:

  1. Experience OLED lighting state-of-the art performance through real-world case studies.
  2. Understand the fundamentals of OLED lighting technology.
  3. Recognize the design, health and wellbeing, and sustainability benefits of OLED lighting.
  4. Explore design differentiation with OLED lighting technology through installation examples.


"OLED Technology Fundamentals"

Through this course, we will examine OLED technology highlighting the advantages of OLEDs compared to other light sources. We will also review the luminaire design capabilities OLEDs offer and cover current and future performance in terms efficacy, color, quality, lifetimes, reliability, and cost.

In this course, you will:

  1. Recognize the advantages of OLED lighting compared to other light sources.
  2. Understand OLED technology and the basic principles of light emission.
  3. Understand current and future OLED panel performance in terms of efficacy, color quality, lifetime, reliability, and cost.
  4. Understand the unique design options when using OLED as a building block for luminaire design.

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"Considering OLED is new technology for me, I felt the presentation gave me enough information to start a more in-depth investigation into the technology and possible uses in my projects."

- Patrick G., Principal Architect

As a registered educational provider with both the AIA and IDCEC, OLEDWorks University offers continued learning credits for architects and lighting designers.